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  • “What exactly does being “Street Smart” mean?

According to the Urban Dictionary:
“Street Smarts” is Intelligence gained outside of school. Just as useful as book smarts, and in many cases more so.
It can be divided into 4 categories.

1. Getting Along With Others-
Knowing which questions to ask and not asking too many.
Being polite and friendly, but also being assertive.

2. Common Sense-
Knowing who you can trust. Which areas in town are good and which are bad, etc.

3. Self-defense-
Knowing how to fight and fend off an attacker, especially if you are small.

4. BS-detection-
Knowing when people are trying to fuck you over, reading their intentions, and knowing that most corporate news is complete bullshit.

Now that we have agreed on the definition of being “Street Smart”

Let’s also agree on this:

  • You are worthy of everything you desire.

  • With focus & time, you can do anything.

  • You are a valuable person.

  • Your presence and thoughts charge people up.

  • Life is abundant.

  • There is plenty for everyone and there’s always more for you to achieve.

    What you’ll learn:

  • Setting clearer goals on a daily basis
  • Making better progress towards your goals 
  • Finding more meaning in your life 
  • Becoming more happy and joyful 
  • Building positive relationships with people 
  • Engaging in life more 
  • Learning how to handle yourself in any situation that arises

If you grew up in the big city & survived, you already have some “Street Smarts.”

I’ll show you how to polish up what you already know so you can level up in your professional & personal life.
(Get paid more-Get laid more)

If you were a child of the suburbs & didn’t hang with the “Cool Kids,” or the “Troublemakers” you’re gonna be shocked at how naive you are and how much you’ll have to learn about “real life” if you want to succeed in your professional & your personal relationships.

Welcome to the new you.

Do you struggle to perform at work or in health & fitness?

Do you wish you could establish or maintain happy and healthy relationships?

Do you procrastinate or lack motivation?

Are you overcome with negative habits?

Do you lack effective communication skills?

Learn the secrets to living an empowered life.

Learn the Street Smart Mindset and discover proven techniques used by many successful people today to breakthrough boundaries and achieve goals in every aspect of life.

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The Street Smart Mindset is the mindset of the world’s top achievers and successful people for achieving massive success.

You will learn the EXACT practices of the world’s top Street Smart achievers & what they do to achieve greatness in their life & their relationships.

My name is Mark Armstrong.

I decided that I was going to help people become Street Smart because I got tired of having people I know get scammed, bullied cheated on & disrespected because they were just too naive.

I grew up in a gang infested neighborhood on the West side of Chicago.

I’ve spent the last 30 years living between Miami & Palm Beach, Florida and have traveled to dozens of countries and have been through all types of tough situations in the streets & in the workplace.

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