How to win at being "street smart"

... and why it's such an amazing asset to have in many fields, especially in marketing and sales.

Discover the secrets to getting a "Street Smart" Mindset...

Winning through negotiation
  • Mindset, Fitness & Lifestyle Hacks.
  • Success Tips for Business & Life.
  • Live Life On Your Terms... Not Theirs...
  • How to Get an Abundant Life
  • Why having a diploma is not enough
  • Attract the Love of Your Life
  • Reignite Fading Love
  • Methods To Close Deals Faster.

If you are a guy in your 20's, 30's or 40's, LISTEN UP!

Discover The Amazing Breakthrough Mindset Secrets to Happiness & Self-Confidence GUYS Are Using To Liberate Themselves from Depression, Stress, and Anxiety Forever.

Life isn’t fair. 

Life is unforgiving. 

It’s constantly taking new twists and unexpected turns which causes you lots of stress, anxiety, and disappointments. 

These are all Self-Confidence Killers.

What can you do?

You’re not alone. I’ve been lied to, bullied, beat up, betrayed, falsely imprisoned, cheated on & scammed, just like you may have been. 

I’ll show you how I overcame all that drama and anxiety.  I’ll teach you what I learned about life and how I overcame these obstacles to become successful in business and in life.

Mark J Armstrong aka The Real Negotiator
Mark J Armstrong Entrepreneur / Investor / Growth Hacker

A vast majority of young men have the lowest rate of self-confidence compared to any other group.

They think they’re smart because they have a degree, but school never taught you what it’s like to be bullied, embarassed or anxious.

Using my Breakthrough Street Smart Mindset Mastery™ System, you can finally free yourself from the self-limiting thoughts and beliefs which are preventing you from enjoying a beautiful, successful life.